Local Resident Scheme

The Local Resident Scheme

For an annual registration fee of £10, this scheme entitles local car drivers* to a significant discount:

  • 50 free journeys per year, thereafter…
  • 20 pence charge only, for any additional journeys in the same year

*Certain other vehicles e.g. SUV’s, may also be eligible

To confirm eligibility you will need to provide proof of car ownership and residence within the Dartford or Thurrock Council boundaries.

How will this scheme work?

Scheme members must pay an annual registration fee of £10.00. On becoming a scheme member, you will be credited with 50 free journeys per year, only in your specified car. Any additional journeys in the same year will be charged at the further discounted rate of 20p per crossing. However, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your account to continue to receive this discount. If your account is out of credit for either trips or funds you will have to pay the full charge at the booth. Once registered, an account will be set up and a free tag provided. The tag issued to you will be registered to your chosen, specified car and cannot be transferred between cars. If you wish to apply for this scheme click on the link below to download the application form.

Click here to download the application form for the Local Resident Scheme

Local Resident Scheme Renewal

If you are renewing your Local Resident Account and you have not changed the vehicle* you have previously registered onto the scheme, we will require current proof of residence for the application address that is within the Dartford or Thurrock Council boundaries along with your £10 Annual Registration Fee.

When your account is close to expiry, we will send you an advance notice with instructions of how to reapply along with a Renewal Form for you to complete and return.

If you choose not to renew your Local Resident Account, or we do not receive your documents and payment by the renewal date as shown in your advance notice letter, your account will be automatically changed to a DART-Tag account. Any funds that you have paid into your account will be available for you to use on your DART-Tag account and all further tagged crossings will be charged at the full DART-Tag rate. Your DART-Tag account must remain in credit at all times.